Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

After Cleaning, How Soon Can I Walk On My Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning FAQ answer: Immediately after cleaning. We supply you and your family with plastic booties for your feet. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service recommends laying towels on hard surface areas such as tile or hardwood flooring before entering the damp carpet. (Then put your booties on.)

Is There A Guarantee?

Indeed, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our carpet cleaning. If you are unhappy with the service experience you received from us, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service will certainly rush back to your location at no charge. Furthermore, we will issue a 100% refund if it still needs to be addressed. We refuse to take unhappy customer checks, so please let us know how we did.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Dry?

Depending upon the weather, it takes approximately 4 hours.

What Kind Of Cleaning Solutions Do You Use? Are They Safe?

We care about our customers and the environment. We use biodegradable products for cleaning services and responsibly dispose of our cleaning water. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service offers Green cleaning certified solutions that are very low on VOCs.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: What Method Do You Use?

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland’s service is experienced in cleaning and cleaning methods. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the “truck-mounted hot water extraction” cleaning method over all other ways. Indeed,  this is the method that Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland services more often; this is the most profound method to clean carpets.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: Should I Have My Carpet Dry-Cleaned Or Steam-Cleaned?

The carpet cleaning process differs from washing your hair, clothes or car. When you wash your hair or car, apply shampoo or detergent and rinse it. Imagine if you didn’t rinse it and just let it dry. When you do that to carpets, they look clean, leaving a sticky residue that tends to get dirty quicker!

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service uses a two-step cleaning process. First, pre-conditioning cleaning sprays to loosen the soil. A combination of hot water fibre rinses with a powerful vacuum to extract and remove the cleaning solution and the dirt. In conclusion, this process keeps your carpet cleaner three times longer than other methods. It is why most carpet manufacturing companies recommend it.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: How Long Does The Carpet Cleaning Take?

Our carpet cleaning technicians’ job is to give you the best carpet cleaning experience. They will try to clean your carpet as promptly as possible without compromising the cleaning outcome. Regular carpet cleaning periods differ due to soil conditions and performed treatments. Furthermore, the primary carpet cleaning for a typical 3-bedroom home with the living room, dining room, stairs, and hallway will take about 2 hrs.

When You Clean My Carpet, Does The Underlay Or Sub-floor Get Wet?

No. Our Two-Step Cleaning system uses a very powerful, deep-cleaning fibre rinse; the system extracts the cleaning solution and dirt in the same step. That makes carpets as clean as possible, leaving your padding and subfloor dry.

I Heard Water Can Ruin Carpets. Is That True? carpet cleaning

No. What harms the carpet is inadequate quality machinery that needs to remove enough water to allow the rug to dry appropriately.

Our standard carpet cleaning service includes moving furniture like sofas, dining tables, dining chairs, end tables, and coffee tables.

Do You Move Furniture?

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service asks that you remove any breakables or antiques before our arrival. Our technicians cannot move anything with breakables or antiques without getting a release of liability. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service can move beds and dressers for an extra cost.

Does Carpet Protector Work? 

Absolutely. A carpet protector is an outstanding product that Surfside Carpet Cleaning highly recommends. Most new carpet has a protector applied by the carpet manufacturer. However, the protector wears off because of traffic on the mat, frequent vacuuming, etc.

Can You Get The Pet Stains And Smell Out Of My Carpet?

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland’s service prides itself on being the best at odour removal. We can eliminate odours other companies wouldn’t know how to deal with. The problem with pet odour is that it can be much more profound than it first appears. Pet urine can quickly soak through the carpet’s backing into underneath padding. The urine can penetrate the subfloor beneath the padding in more severe cases. It creates a multi-layered problem.

The urine also provides for the growth of bacteria. It worsens the odour problem and can contribute to permanent colour loss of the carpet fibre. If the contamination is light and within the carpet’s face, yarn cleaning with a topical deodoriser may effectively remove the odour.

In the most severe cases, we may require replacing the carpet padding and treating the underside of the carpet and the subfloor. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians can help you assess the contamination and make the most cost-effective and best way to remove that odour.

Sometimes it is best to replace the carpet. Pet odour can become absorbed into many porous materials in your home. Draperies, sheetrock, upholstered furniture, baseboards, and even concrete foundation are just a few materials that can absorb these odours. Contact our carpet cleaning page or call for more information about our odour removal treatments and methods.

How Can I Maintain My New Carpets Warranty?  new carpets

There are three key things to do to maintain your new carpet warranty:

1. Vacuum frequently

2. Clean spills promptly

3. Have periodic professional carpet cleanings

I Noticed A Smell Post Carpet Clean.

The smell you are experiencing is most likely the cause of a dormant odour. Dormant odours are odours you can’t smell until some moisture activates them. Usually, these odours are from a pet accident or bacterial growth.

If present, dormant odours will usually improve when the carpet dries. Because this is a pre-existing condition, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service is not responsible for stale odours. To eliminate dormant odours, neutralisation or elimination of the source follows. Indeed, ask us about odour removal.

Will The Cleaning Solution Harm My Children Or Pets? 

Our basic cleaning solution is very similar to laundry detergent. However, as a general rule, keep your children and pets from lying or playing on a wet carpet.

Will It Help My Allergies?

The average person sheds about a gram and a half of skin daily. These particles are tiny and deeply embedded in our carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and bedding. These particles are the food source for dust mites. Dust mites have a potent allergen in their droppings, causing up to 25% of worldwide allergies.

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service can clean and treat carpets, upholstery, and fabrics with special hypo-allergenic, non-toxic cleaning agents that neutralise allergens for six months.

Do I Have To Be Home During Carpet Cleaning? 

It is unnecessary because you can trust our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained professionals. Before Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners, we recommend that the Auckland service begins cleaning to provide the best possible cleaning. We have to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding your carpet’s care –and, of course, to let us in the home.

What Should I Do If  The Stains That Were Cleaned Re-Appear? 

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: Red WineAlthough most stains removed from the carpet do not reappear, deep colours in carpet backing or padding/subfloor may wick back to the surface. If this happens, call us at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland service will clean the entire area for free, no questions asked.

Also, you can prevent that from happening. Just place a dry towel at returned spots immediately after a carpet cleaning. The towel will help draw any oils and dirt in your subflooring and help prevent the sites from returning.

Can Both My Area Rug And The Carpet It Sit On Be Cleaned At The Same Time?

Yes. However, the area rug cannot dry over the wet carpet. The area rug will drape over the dry area.

What Is Ozone Odour Removal?

Ozone refers to nature’s purifier. Hence, ozone also refers to activated Oxygen or trivalent Oxygen created naturally in our environment through electricity, photosynthesis or ultraviolet radiation from the sun. And it makes up approximately 20% of the air we breathe daily. Furthermore, ozone is created when one of these forces causes Oxygen to split into two separate atoms. Even so, the freed atom attaches itself to an O2 molecule, recombining to form ozone. At high levels, ozone is bluish, so the sky is blue. It’s been used over the last century to purify water and eliminate various odours in various applications. The ozone is from a high-voltage corona discharge in the most effective products, duplicating how lightning creates it.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: What Is The Most Important Reason To Get My Carpet Cleaned?

However, you need to clean the carpet regularly for durability, a good look, and help keep the indoor air quality you breathe.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ: Will a Household Carpet Cleaning Machine Do A Good Job?

Those machines are fine for cleaning up spills and keeping high-traffic areas looking clean between professional cleanings. But they are not powerful enough to clean down to the base of the carpet where grit is wearing away at your fibres or where the dust mites, bacteria, and other goodies live in your carpets. Plus, there’s no rinsing process to remove the residues left by the cleaning agents, so your carpets may re-soil faster.


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